About our School

Whether you are new to training, just want to get back in shape, or have more competitive aspirations in mind, we have a program designed especially for you. We have your goals in mind, and will strive to meet and exceed them together in a safe, clean, & fun environment.

Through our structured programs, we look to promote a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, stress reduction, and the mental fortitude to put these plans into action.

Our instructors will guide you through various punch, kick, knee, elbow, grappling, self-defense techniques and combinations. You will sharpen your techniques by conducting drills on pads/targets as well as with a partner/opponent. Strength and conditioning are integral to all our classes, and our unique and dynamic training style will make each of your training sessions fun and memorable! Our classes are not only physically stimulating, they are educational and practical for everyday self-defense and awareness. You will learn how to deal with multiple attackers, weapons, and high-stress situations. Here at the Impact School of Martial Arts, you can train for general fitness and self-confidence, self-awareness and self-defense.

We’re in the business of changing lives. We give you the physical and mental power to reach your goals no matter what they are.

 Our Krav Maga and Self-Defense classes will benefit your:

  • Mind – Develop greater discipline, concentration,and self-respect.
  • Body – Increase your flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone.


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Why join Impact?

Roberts MoM

“This program has helped Robert in many ways.  Robert has been focusing better and has been communicating with us better since he has started.  Robert started talking last March and has always been a quiet little boy now he is so excited to talk about what he has done in class with anyone who will listen.  Working with Soke has made such a difference.  Robert is also helping his mom and dad more and enjoys his chores and getting check marks.  If you ask Robert what his favorite day of the week is he will tell you, “When I go to see Soke”.”


Thank you very much,

Kerri Kleimola

Kasey's Dad

My son has been doing karate since age 8; he started attending Impact School of Martial Arts 18 months ago and it’s the best martial arts program he’s ever been enrolled in. He really enjoys the personal instruction and he finds the program challenging enough for his skill level but new students very easily acclimate as well. He and the other students really respond to Soke’s calm and encouraging style. As a parent I really like the emphasis on respect for yourself and others and the evolving curriculum such as anti-bullying which will be added in the near future. Overall, I see measurable progress from the students, a well-rounded program with a very dedicated instructor who truly seems to enjoy teaching all the aspects of martial arts.


Thank you,

Dean Litchford

Bill Stickels - Long time Student

I first met Master Goepfert almost 20 years ago. I had just gotten out of the service and “directionless” would be the best way to describe myself. A co-worker knew that I had been studying at different schools for most of my life. He took me to Impact in Rockford, IL. From the first class I knew what a great school it was and how awesome an instructor Master Goepfert was. Even though we lost touch for many years… He was and always will be the model that I hold myself and my students to.

Thank you,

Will Stickles, 3rd Dan

Oldsmar Taekwondo

Ryan Stoll - Student

Master Goepfert gave me my start in martial arts nearly 20 years ago. He was able to pass his love and passion for the discipline on to me, and even though he has moved on to other states, I have continued to practice.  Because of this, at 39 years old, I am in the better shape (mentally and physically) than when I was 20!  I give Master Goepfert full credit for instilling the passion in his students to make them want to stay with the martial arts.  Thank you, Sir!


Ryan Stoll – Rockford, IL Impact School of Martial Arts 1992